Interested in Investing in Commercial Real Estate?

In addition to our residential services, Red Rock Real Estate is also your partner in commercial real estate. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced investor, we provide you with invaluable help and advice on maximizing your profits, from short-term cash flow objectives to longer term financial goals. Whatever your objective, we will help you pick the right property at the right time.

Working with Landlords: As a property owner and landlord, you need a brokerage that will offer much more than finding and signing good tenants. At Red Rock Real Estate, we help you create a successful property marketing cycle that will build lasting value to support your ownership goals.

Regular evaluation and communication provide the foundation to our continued success. To keep your investment operating at peak levels, we regularly compare your leasing performance with multiple competitors and adjust our strategies as necessary.

We strive to find you the best tenant mix for your unique amenities, and we structure a lease with the right security measures —credit rating, market dynamics and business history—to protect your investment.

And since a key aspect of your success as a landlord is to reduce turnover, we take a long-term view that helps you retain good tenants and minimize lease expirations.

Your investment is in good hands with Red Rock Real Estate.

Working with Tenants: At Red Rock Real Estate, we understand that your lease is more than a place where you do business. And that’s why we do much more than manage your lease: we partner with you to support your business success.

Supporting your business success could mean helping you retain the flexibility to make strategic moves without the restraint of lease terms. Or it could mean helping you to optimize your space by considering how location impacts clients and resources. Or by understanding the impact of careful space planning on employee productivity, creativity, and corporate culture.

Whatever your needs as a business tenant, we are here to help you achieve your goals and vision.

At Red Rock Real Estate, we strive to gain your trust and earn your referrals.