Meet Maria

People who seek out the services of a real estate broker generally are searching for solutions to a challenge – whether that challenge is finding the perfect property in the ideal neighborhood, or the need to sell their home in order to move on to the next phase of their lives. Whatever their real estate needs are, Maria Ramos is the problem solver who can help them meet the challenge.

An experienced small business owner with over 10 years of experience in meeting customers’ needs, Maria understands the importance of making her clients happy. Prior to her current career as a real estate broker, Maria owned and managed a successful insurance company with her brother, Santiago.  She developed a deep skill set in scheduling, organizational efficiency, and communication.  She met a diverse group of people daily and learned how to help them get just what they needed.  Customer satisfaction became something Maria found worth striving for.  She worked on obtaining the knowledge about the product she was selling so that she could make the experience gratifying for her customers.

Maria adapted this service skillset for real estate and now excels at communicating the transaction process to her clients.  Determining quickly how much a client knows already about the real estate market and the processes of buying or selling a home, Maria can take them from where they are and guide them the rest of the way to a successful closing.  By the same token, she looks forward to growing the Red Rock real estate brokerage with Santiago and training other brokers in their office.  Motivation and positive energy drive Maria and inspire those around her.  When on her time off, she is a dedicated mom and committed to handling all the details in her household.

Maria is committed to provide her clients the best outcome possible, and she treasures the trust they put in her.  She is empathetic and makes every effort to get to that final step in the property transaction and celebrate with her clients.  A partnership with Maria Ramos can make your property dreams a reality!